Saturday, May 18, 2013

Technical problems...

Hey there!

I just got this email from Profit Gears:
Dear Members,

We are experiencing some technical issues. Therefore, we may need to take the site down couple of times during the weekend. We regret the inconvenience and look forward to your continuous support.


This is not a good start... I thought they had delayed the launch to keep us free from stuff like this but as you can see "shit happens".

Anyway after just one day we can not tell anything about a program only time will tell if this is going to work properly or not.

Referral commissions are very clear......
You receive referral commissions down 4 levels AFTER a position leave G1......
So many commission are not showing as yet as referral positions must move from  G1 to G2 before the commissions are credited....once they have moved, the referral commissions are paid.
4% Deposit and 3% withdrawal fees as customary with these type of programs as The program will not absorb these fees but pass this expense on to the member.... Percentages vary from program to program but most have some sort of withdrawal And deposit fees.
40% repurchase rule is to prevent people from simply taking all of the money out Of the system like they are used to doing and again that is something that has been  Implemented many time in many programs...sometimes it's even 50%
This has it’s pros and cons but it generally accepted that it’s better at stabilizing a Program early on.
Q. Is a straight line cycler ?
That's not confirmed and no one really knows; It could be a straight line, it could be a 2x2 or it could be some sort of system that They are using that when they receive enough revenue then the release a certain amount  Of one knows for sure and so no judgement can be passed on this until It is fully understood.
What is pretty much understood is that a program cannot pay 2% daily indefinitely  Without some measures put into place....some say outside income ( that never happens so that's always a lie ), some just run the program until it eventually runs out of money ( those who want a program like that don't need
To look far as they are numerous ) and some like this one are trying to regulate the flow of money in a particular way where they can realistically pay out the 2% daily for 60 days just like they say with money in the system.
Q: People could be stuck in Gear 1 forever
The program is just over a day old and these sorts of judgements/comments are being made... No wonder most programs fail... The fairer thing to do would be to wait to see how the program  actually works ( how it was designed and structured to work ) instead of listening to unfounded comments about positions being stuck in G1 indefinitely as this can never be a fair comment to make when the program is just over 24 hours old and many positions have already moved to G3 and many people have been paid and have been repurchasing.
Q:We need a thorough explanation of what drives Gear 1.
I tend to agree with this as it would greatly help people to I guess appreciate ( either like it or hate it ) whatever is going on here rather than make baseless accusations/assumptions. Not sure a thorough explanation will be given though.... This is at the admins discretion.
Q: We are guaranteed "up to" 0.5%. So we can only have the 2% Only when we cycle G1 ?
What's wrong with up to 0.5% daily until such time that the positions are released and pass through G2 to G3.... If this program was a month old and this comment was being made having had positions in G1 for 30 days.... But again, it's just over 24 hours old so honestly...give the program a chance.
Comment : MMG forum is one of the major forums. See the negative posts
Reply : MMG has a handful of people who moan about everything and in no way reflect the views of the entire membership in any program.

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