Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Important update from Profit Gears

I'm really surprised about what has happened to Profit Gears. Here is the last update:
Subject: An Important Update
Date: Mon, 20 May 2013 14:33

Dear Members,

We will start this newsletter from where we left in the 
previous one. We mentioned that "We strongly believe 
that no program can be successful without the support 
of the members." We still believe in same. 

We have few members who have posted in forums that they 
have been deceived as they could not understand the program 
when they joined and upgraded. 

Isn't it correct that one should never join a program without 
first reading and understanding it. The site was pretty clear 
from day 1 about the Gears and it was no way a HYIP. Even if 
some people felt that the information provided out there is 
not enough, then they should have first inquired further 
details instead of simply putting their hard earned money 
with confusion. We are all responsible for our own actions 
and no one else. 

We have a clear policy on refunds which is mentioned in FAQs 
as well :

You are making an advertising purchase. All advertising credits 
are awarded instantly. We do not guarantee earnings. We offer 
no refunds to clients as all sales are final."

We have been contacted by one promoter who has asked to provide 
a mass refund. We are trying to determine if this is a small few 
because we have received refund requests from even less than 10 
members so far. 

We are here to be fair and honor the terms on our website. We 
want to run a great program for you, but ultimately it is your 
decision as members. Without the majority support, it is not 
feasible for ProfitGears to be a success. 

Therefore, we are coming out with a 24 hour refund period starting 
now, during which you will be given an opportunity to apply for 
refunds. By applying for a refund you agree that you will be 
receiving no more than 80% of the funds deposited by you and 
would accept the refund as full and final settlement of your 
ProfitGears account and your account would belong to admin 
thereafter and that you shall have no dispute with respect 
to the settlement going forward. The amount already withdrawn 
will be deducted from the same. The above is, of course, 
subject to the funds not getting locked by any of the Payment 
Processors we are using.

Any refund request sent through Support Ticket will not be 
processed. You must apply through the below mentioned link 

We are here with clean intentions and consider you, the members, 
as the people who should decide the way forward for ProfitGears
The refunds would be paid, subject to above, to all members who 
apply and thereafter the way forward for the remaining members 
would be decided, whether to start afresh or to refund them as 

We are once again highly thankful to you for your support.

Warm regards,

So after this email you have to carefully thing about what you are going to do:
Keep working with Profit Gears or ask for a refund. I'm not going to keep working with it as I'm sure that most of the membership will leave: no members, no money. 
If you have put funds into Profit Gears I suggest you ask for a refund using the link provided and look for something else...
Best of luck!

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