Friday, May 17, 2013

More info about Profit Gears

Hi there friends!
So Profit Gears has finally launched :)
Firstly I want to thank all of my usual list members who are very loyal and have joined with me as well as all new members to our online family.
This is going pretty crazy so far! Unfortunately I've not made a dime as Profit Gears does not pay any referral commissions to free members and I've not yet been able to purchase any shares due to my funds not being send to my processor... and I'm still waiting :( Anyway: let's keep building this opportunity ;)
I can't imagine what will happen in a few days or weeks from now but the program definitely has the attention and interest of many online as it is certainly different and unique.
Unfortunately, different and unique often means more complicated to understand so we want to put together an overview of the program in hope that many of you can better understand what is going on with this program.
>>> Shares cost $3 each.
>>> Each share passes through 3 phases ( called Gears in this program ) where they each earn varying amounts ( see later in this email for more info on this ).
>>> A queued Gear equation controls the flow of shares through Gear 1 thereby eliminating the need for restarts in Gear 2 and ultimately producing a TRUE 2% daily for 60 days for any position that enters Gear 3.
>>> Shares bought produce advertising credits and these are used for rotating banners distributed throughout the site.
>>> There are No Membership Fees.
>>> There is No Sponsoring Required to earn in this program.
>>> There are 4 exciting levels of referral commissions ( 10%, 5%, 3% and 2%) which are again strategically infused into the system and is paid on each positions referral share entering Gear 2 ( This included a referral's Bonus Shares and re-purchased positions ).
>>> Another smart feature is a 40% re-purchase rule on earnings as well as referral commissions which is aimed towards overall program stability and longevity.
>>> The time Spent in Gear 1 seems controlled by some specific formula/criteria which when met, releases the position to pass through Gear 2 and ultimately to Gear 3 where the 2% daily is earned for 60 days.
>>> The Payment processors used at this time are STP, Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money and Egopay.
>>> There is a 4% deposit fee which is basically used to offset processor fees for making the deposit.
>>> There is a 3% withdrawal which again is used to offset the payment processor fees for this transaction.
>>> You have to withdraw to which ever processor you funded with and if you funded with more than 1, then you have to withdraw to the one that you deposited the most money with.
>>> The Minimum that you can fund your e-wallet with is $10
>>> The Minimum withdrawal is $15
>>> Withdrawals are processed within 48 hours
>>> The maximum shares that can be purchased daily is 2000
Note: Very Important.....You need to constantly check your account /re-purchase balance as you need to use your re-purhcase balance to re-purchase more shares....The 40% forced re-purchase goes into a separate wallet and you need to manually purchase your new shares with them.
Those of you who want to build quickly and want to also use your account balance as well to re-purchase new shares can do so as well.
Specifics on how these Gears work together:
Gear 1: Each position bought or re-purchased earns up to 0.5% Daily while in Gear 1 (Proprietary Math Gear)
Gear 2: Each share that enters Gear 2 receives a $1.50 Instant Bonus plus 1 Free Share which goes on to itself earn from Gears 2 and 3 but not from gear 1
Gear 3: Shares move swiftly from Gear 2 into Gear 3 where these shares then earn 2% Daily for 60 Days (No Restarts Necessary)
The obvious question would be what determines movement out of Gear 1 .....This has been said to be a mathematical formula but experience in the fields would suggest that it would have to do with share totals purchased at any given time.
Either way, there will be a more controlled and structured approach to this program which has already sparked major interest with all of the big players, which in turn means that the program has great support and volume moving forward, which is essential for it's success.
Those positions that have already reached Gear 3 will earn 2% daily from tomorrow. This rebate will be awarded 24 hours after the share reached Gear 3. The daily rebate for gear 1 will be added 24 hrs from the time of purchase.
This program is poised for a great run and already has great support.
It beats all of the other ponzi type ( cookie cut ) programs out there and offers something new, interesting and refreshing.
It is affordable to the masses, run by what I have been told are a reputable admin team and is hugely supported.... all of the ingredients needed for a successful program.
Don't be left behind with this one, give it a try, even if with just a test spend and try it on for size.
Regards and good luck to all.

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